LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

100W 13000lumen LED Shoebox Light Fixtures

Item No.:
Power: 100W, 150W, 200W
Lumen: 130lm/w
AC85-265V 50/60Hz
with photocell sensor(dusk to dawn) and micro sensor for option
different mounting solutions/adapters available

2. EASY TO INSTALL. Perfect for existing pole light replacement.
3.With an ADJUSTABLE HEAD (SLIP FITTER), it can be used for different places such as GARDEN, SPORT COURT, STREET, PARKING LOT and so on. The poles can be round shaper or square shapes.
4.LONG LIFESPAN: Adopt HIGH QUALITY LED light source, LED Driver and HIGH QUALITY MODERN-DESIGN, our lamps have a long lifespan (OVER 50000Hrs).


We design and make the high quality isolated constant led driver with surge protection 6KV by ourselves, to make the products are in good condition.Our range of LED fittings are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring a long and trouble free life for the installation. Colshine has always been innovative in providing the latest cutting-edge technological products to our customers. All of our Street Lights up to IP65 and offering low maintenance of the fitting.

The latest in LED area lights or LED parking lot lights technology is the shoebox LED lights that will save you a ton on energy bills and improve the look of your parking lot, sports court, street or other area.

The shoebox LED light is a combination of classic form factor and is versatile enough that you can upgrade your existing lighting with ease.

LED Shoebox Mounting Options

Direct Mounts:

A direct mount allows you to attach your shoebox light directly to an existing pole. That means direct mounts are the easiest way to switch over your existing HPS or metal halide lights to LED.

Installation will involve wiring your light and then attaching the shoebox to the pole using bolts. That simplicity is a major advantage of direct mounts, but it’s important to know that they’re also generally short and designed to be installed in one particular orientation . That means they don’t provide the flexibility of some other mounts.

Slip Fitters:

As their name implies, slip fitters slip on top of a pole rather than being bolted onto the side (like a direct mount). Wiring feeds all the way up the pole, through the mount, and into the back of the lamp.

The main advantage of slip fitters is that they are generally hinged, allowing the lamp to be tilted, pitched, and adjusted. 

Slip fitter mounts are ideal for situations in which you’re trying to focus light in a particular area or working in a challenging space.

Trunnion Mounts:

A trunnion mount is a hinged, square frame made of thin metal. Wiring a trunnion mounted LED shoebox involves threading insulated wires through that frame and into the back of the lamp.

Trunnion mounts are highly versatile and can help you fit powerful lamps into tight spots and direct your beam in a directional manner to achieve lighting goals.

Unlike direct or slip fit mounts, trunnions do expose some wiring to the elements, so they do require some increased maintenance.

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